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The Empower Network Compensation Program Explained – Are 100% Income Really Possible?

If you’ve been marketing on the internet for any time, chances are you’ve learned about Empower Network and all the buzz revolving around it. Everyone’s talking about Money Empower Network: 100% Commissions, 100% Commissions, 100% Commissions. To say that people are excited would be a huge understatement. For many new marketers, this is the first time that they are seeing results in the first few weeks, and for some within days and even hours.

Aside from the virus-like blogging platform (which can be currently Empower Network’s actual core product) and also the 100% commissions, there’s a very essential component in their structure rendering it unique and attractive with regard to seasoned marketers. The uniqueness of the Empower Network Compensation Strategy allows your first sale to cover the entire system. In other words, once you’ve referred the first person, you’ve basically paid to your monthly membership. This is important because most affiliate programs (as well as MLM companies, even though Empower Network is not an actual MLM company) require you to refer 3-5 people before you break even. This alone has lowered the attrition rate for some Empower Network teams and has created numerous success stories really short amount of period.

So how exactly are marketers able to receive 100% Commissions with Empower Network?

When people sign up with Empower Network, they are not just becoming affiliates, but also resellers, and upon joining, the first task marketers are generated do is to setup their merchant account. This establishes them like a store owner with the ability to take credit card repayments from anyone who chooses to buy from their link. When a purchase is manufactured, instead of going to the company who then takes their cut and disburses the remainder amongst the affiliates the payment is manufactured directly to the marketer selling the device. The money literally transfers from the buyer’s credit card towards the seller’s account instantly them going for 100% of the Commission.

Pass Up Compensation Structure Broken down

Empower Network’s compensation design is not like many of the more commonly used plans in the market. First, Empower Network has 3 products, and the compensation plan is separate for every – same plan, different cycles depending on where a person is in terms of indication ups.

In short the comp plan works similar to this networking:

The 1st, 3rd, and 5th sale would go to the distributor

The 2nd, 4th, 6th, and every 5th sale thereafter pass up to the distributor’s bring in.

This happens on each and every product level independent of 1 another. So although a supplier may have met their ‘pass up’ requirements for the Basic Membership ($25), he or she still might need to complete one or both of the remaining (Inner Circle $100, and Costa Rica Extensive $500).

It’s a relatively simple compensation structure that provides the Empower Network member with ample possibility to generate serious income easily, but also provides enough incentive in the form of a ‘pass up’ sale for the member to encourage and help with marketing efforts. Again, this is important towards the overall success of the machine since there will always be incentive for leaders to guide their team far above the initial sale they make when referring a brand new person.

Important Things You Need To be aware of:

With regard to being approved sales (pass ups) there are some important factors to make note of.

#1. On any sale that’s passed up, you also sacrifice their pass ups as well.

For Example: Jack passes up Jill on a $25 membership because she was his 2nd purchase. Any $25 membership Jill makes will also pass up skipping Jack and planning to the person above your pet.

Yeah… kind of stinks, but the silver lining is that will Jill fall in the slot in either $100 and/or $500 memberships that not pass up, Jack will retain the girl qualifying sales (complete ups) on those memberships.

#2. Pass ups are just counted on direct testimonials (personally sponsored repetitions). Should they not be met, the distributor will lose any shun sales on that degree until filled.

For Example: Jack needs to be eligible on his 6th $100, however he has not personally sponsored anyone to the position. Should Jill refer as well as inner circle member who passes up, that money will head to Jack’s sponsor (sponsor) until he directly refers you to definitely that slot.

In spite of the aforementioned, do not be dismayed. The goal of the Empower Network isn’t only that you make massive levels of income and learn to master the art of blogging and site-building daily, but also that you learn to become skilled marketer by benefiting from the ‘plug and play’ system which can be found. By following the simple three step system given by Empower Network Method: blog daily, share the system, and of course receives a commission, you’ll be on the right path to sharing your own success story right away.